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What is SSL Certificate

A SSL certificate stands for Secure Socket Layer.The SSL Certificate is the standard security technology or the small data files. They are wrapped up together to provide the secure, encrypted communication between a website and the internet browser.It is the protocol that provide the encryption. In today’s growing environment, the security threats are the most important factors that are required to be considered for establishing the website.

Benefits of SSL Certificate

Using SSL certificate, we get lots of benefits for both end user and website user.Some of the benefits of SSL certificate are:-

  • With the use of SSL certificate the website looks more professional and interesting. The business website trend is rising more from past years so it gives a complete change to those websites.
  • It also encrypts the information which is the primary offering of SSL certificate. It makes clear understanding with every packet of data exchanged between the user and the browser to secure their data.
  • Boost up the ranking and increases the brand value to improve the perception of using the brain through customers.It engages more with the users in a effective manner.
  • Builds up the trust with extended authentication to provide more and more security measures to their clients. Due to lot of sensitive information included with it, it secures them highly.
ssl certificate frequently asked

question & answers!

A SSL certificate is the form of security for the websites that is used for sending confidential data over the internet. It is the cryptographic protocol whose aim is to keep all data or information secured over the internet. Website can enable SSL by acquiring an SSL certificate.
The basic purpose for SSL certificate is to protect your sensitive data. The primary reason to use SSL certificate is to keep the sensitive data or information across the Internet. It also includes some of the factors into it which fulfils the requirements of SSL certificate:- Keeps data secure between servers Increases your Search Engine Rankings Build up the customer’s trust Improves the conversion rates Data transferred in plain text format can be encrypted
There are three main reason why I need a SSL certificate? The first reason which is most important, that is to secure your transfer of data. Mostly, e-commerce website need to have SSL certificate because, if you are using a form with sensitive customer then you need a SSL. The second reason is that if your website has a requirement for login along with username and password, you need a SSL certificate. The third reason comes along with it is to benefit SEO and thus earn the trust of the users.
Microhost offers mainly four types of SSL certificate that includes:- POSITIVE SSL RAPIDSSL POSITIVESSL WILDCARD RAPIDSSL WILDCARD
Yes, Of course, the SSL certificates are highly compatible with 99% of the internet browser along with all the prominent web browsers.
Yes, definitely we will. As soon as you sign up any SSL certificate offered by us.We will install it on your website absolutely free of cost.
Yes, you can..!! The SSL certificate can be purchased from Microhost and hence can be used with another hosting provider. Our support team will help you with the installation of SSL certificate.
It depends upon your hosting server that you purchase.Nowadays, it is not necessary for purchasing the dedicated IP for SSL installation.
No, we do not offer money back guarantee in SSL certificate.
Usually, it takes 2-4 hours to get active with SSL certificate. But, it depends upon which SSL certificate you choose.

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